Welcome back everyone, a new school year is here!

Brushwood Junior School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Meet the team: 

6L - Mr Lloyd and Mr Kerslake

6N - Miss Nangle, Miss Petch and Mrs Reynolds




In Autumn Term, the children read the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Caroll. This is a story about a group of children who have been evacuated from London to Devon during the Blitz. A story of mystery and intrigue including secret codes and captured German pilots. The children had the opportunity to step into the role of the main characters as they were being evacuated from the cinema during an air raid. Through this role play, the children were able to empathise with children from this era.

They will write a diary entry through the perspective of one of the characters which will involve emotive and descriptive language. The children will be interviewing and hot seating Sukie and the German pilot which they will then write as a journalist reporting to a newspaper. 





In Autumn Term, the children will be securing their knowledge of place value and the four operations. The children will be using visual and practical objects to support their learning. The children start by using visual prompts before moving onto the concrete method. Within each lesson, we continue to stretch the children's understanding through applying and reasoning questions, as well as investigations and discussion. 





In the Autumn Term, Year 6 are exploring WW2. The children had the opportunity to take part in an evacuation drill where they were all asked to sit underneath the table to take cover. The children heard the air raid alarm which enabled them to become inquisitive about the topic. They will research all the different types of shelters which were around in WW2 and they will be able to identify a range of artefacts from the war. The children will be organising a range of historical sources into primary and secondary and they will be thinking about the reliability of the source.

The children will learn about the reasons why WW2 occurred and we will research the leaders of the axis and the allies nations.


The children had the opportunity to investigate a range of WW2 artefacts such as: rationing tins, gas masks, a Warden's hat and they inferred what may have happened from a variety of pictures. 




In Autumn Term, the children in Year 6 begin the year by learning about electricity and light for their Science lessons. The children in year 6 participated in a practical lesson where they needed to demonstrate collaboration and resilience to produce a circuit. They used a range of equipment, such as, batteries, buzzers, lightbulbs, motors, wires and switches. All children participated and were success in creating a working circuit. They will take part in other investigations such as: studying the volume of buzzers and brightness of lightbulbs. 



Religious Education

Each term, the children explore a new question related to the topic that they are learning about. 


Autumn term - Ethics and Morals: Why do our ideas of right and wrong come from?



In art, the children will learn techniques using pastels and compose a 'Blitz' scene from World War 2.