Welcome to Brushwood Junior School!

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Meet the team: 

6L - Mr Lloyd and Mrs Saleem

6N - Miss Nangle, Mrs Reynolds and Mr Kerslake


Parent information meeting September 




This term the children will read the book 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Caroll. This is a story about a group of children who have been evacuated from London to Devon during the Blitz. A story of mystery and intrigue including secret codes and captured German pilots. The children will have the opportunity to step into the role of the main characters as they were being evacuated from the cinema during an air raid. Through hot seating and freeze framing, the children will be able to empathise with children from this era.

They will write a diary entry through the perspective of one of the characters using emotive and descriptive language and will apply the appropriate grammar and punctuation.



Independent writing of an evacuee's war diary entry

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The children have begun drafting their diary entries based on Olive from Letters from the lighthouse. Their focus was great to see!

Way Home by Libby Hathorn and Gregory Rogers

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The children have looked at the picture book 'Way Home' and learnt the story using a story map. They then used their pictures to retell their own version out loud to the class as story time. We were focusing of fluency and expression, as well as quick thinking on their feet!


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Autumn term

This term, the children will secure their knowledge of place value and the four operations. The children will be using visual and practical manipulatives before moving onto concrete methods to embed fluency. Within each lesson, we continue to stretch the children's understanding through applying and reasoning questions, as well as investigations and discussion. 


Each week, the children will also be completing their Terrific Times Tables to support their understanding and development of the 1-12 times tables. As each level increases in difficulty, the number of questions may raise, the questions may also include squared numbers, division and square roots.




Autumn term

This term, Year 6 are exploring WW2. We  will begin the topic by investigating primary and secondary sources of historical information and asking questions about  how the artefact could help understand what life was like in the war and its reliability. The children will have the opportunity to take part in an evacuation drill where they will be asked to sit underneath the table to take cover during an air raid. We will analyse Hitler's rise to power, Chamberlain's appeasement strategy and debated as a class as to whether it was the right policy to follow.

They will investigate the government's evacuation policy and will discover first hand experiences of evacuees. The children will investigate whether the Battle of Britain was a turning point in the war. They have been encouraged to look into their own family's experiences of the war and have found out so many stories!  




Autumn term

This term, the children in Year 6 begin the year by learning about electricity and light. They will participate in a practical lesson where they will need to demonstrate collaboration and resilience to produce a circuit. They will use a range of equipment, such as, batteries, buzzers, lightbulbs, motors, wires and switches. All children participated and were success in creating a working circuit. They will work collaboratively to investigate the changing volume of buzzers and brightness of lightbulbs. 



Science work on electricity

Religious Education

Each term, the children explore a new question related to the topic that they are learning about. 


Autumn term 

We will be exploring the question: Why do our ideas of right and wrong come from? 




Autumn Term

In art, the children will be learning the techniques using oil pastels and will compose a 'Blitz' scene from World War 2. The techniques they will learn are: scumbling and stippling. The children will also blend a variety of colours together to create a 'fire based' scene. The techniques they will have learnt will be explored further when they learn to sketch in the Autumn term.




Autumn Term

The children will be discussing why we have rules and how we develop our value codes. We will have conversations surrounding legal, illegal and prescription drugs and medicines and the effect they may have on us. The children will act out various scenarios with a dilemma of peer pressure and will identify strategies on how to respond. 




Autumn term 

The children will be continuing with orienteering which will be developing into a cross-curricular subject over the year. They will use their prior knowledge to identify keys and symbols of maps and discover how to orientate a map - while getting fit! They will also be learning hockey skills and will be taking part in inter-year group matches. This will develop teamwork and sportsmanship whilst developing skills in hockey. 




Autumn term

The children will explore World War 2 in French which links to their topic in History. They will really enjoy this topic as it was relevant to History and they were able to understand it from a different point of view. The children will learn some key vocabulary and will write some short sentences about facts they have learnt relating to World War 2. The children will be focussing on all four areas of learning a language: reading, writing, speaking and listening.