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Brushwood Junior School


Brushwood's Curriculum 


Our Intent is to:


  • To provide a rich and varied curriculum which has its roots based on our school values of Confidence, Collaboration, Ambition, Resilience and Respect.
  • To deliver an ambitious, aspirational curriculum which is well planned and the meets the needs of all pupils.
  • To provide an engaging curriculum which is planned sequentially, allowing children to build on previous learning and securing firm foundations for the future.
  • To promote a sense of community for the children, parents and the wider community
  • To prepare older pupils for life in British Society by fostering in them attitudes and qualities which enable them to become confident, caring, responsible citizens


Implementing the Curriculum


  • The curriculum is planned to ensure that teaching is sequential and knowledge and skills are taught in a logical and progressive order.
  • Lessons build on prior learning incorporating retrieval practice; the teaching of specific vocabulary and real life worked examples 
  • Lessons develop children's cultural capital, they are regularly exposed to high quality texts and the best examples of work in each field. 
  • Children get new life experiences through meaningful curriculum enrichment such as trips, residentials, sports tournaments, school visitors and our weekly Enrichment Clubs
  • Teachers have strong subject knowledge and are supported to maintain and improve this knowledge through training, observing best practice and undertaking relevant research
  • Subject leaders provide colleagues with support for planning, resourcing and teaching
  • Children are supported to challenge themselves in every lesson so that they are ambitious learners




The impact of the curriculum is monitored through

  • On-going assessment processes
  • End of KS2 outcomes
  • Attendance data
  • Behaviour Logs
  • Engagement levels
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Pupil voice – questionnaires, pupil book reviews
  • Leadership Monitoring – Lesson visits, scrutiny of books, pupil outcomes, pupil interviews and questionnaires 
  • Governor monitoring


All children achieve well by developing knowledge and skills on their journey through school and by the end of KS2 pupils are on track to achieve outcomes above national expectations, demonstrating excellent progress. As a result, we have high expectations that all pupils will continue to make good progress through the exciting curriculum at Brushwood. Our curriculum allows all children to achieve the best possible outcomes and this is closely monitored in partnership with parents. Children leave Brushwood excited for a successful transition to secondary school. The comprehensive PSHE curriculum and transition programmes ensures they are well prepared for the next step in their learning journeys.


Our curriculum is accessible to all children, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, disability or religious background. 


If you have any questions relating the the school's curriculum, please direct them to the Curriculum Lead, Mr Daniels, via the school office.