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Brushwood Junior School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

We strive to develop young minds, whether it's academically or artistically, to be the best they can be. We hope that you enjoy exploring what we have been learning about so far!

Meet the team:

5DW - Mrs Wijayatilleke and Miss Morgan are the class teachers, Mrs Taylor and Miss Lloyd are the teaching assistants.

5J - Miss Jan is the class teacher and Mrs Saleem is the teaching assistant.

Condover Hall residential 2023

In July 2023, when the children will be in Year 6, they will have the opportunity to spend four nights at the residential educational centre of Condover Hall, in Shropshire. Here they will have the chance to participate in fun, outdoor activities such as zip wire, abseiling and raft building. Attached is a Power Point with all of the relevant details, including costs. The initial deposit to book a place is due by May 25th 2022.

Condover Hall video

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Throughout the year, we read a variety of texts. In the Autumn term, a particular favourite of the class was ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. This book was universally loved by all of the children and many of them have gone on to read more books in the series, which just shows the enthusiasm and self-motivation the children have. This text allowed us to write in many different genres such as poem, non-fiction and fiction writing. The vocabulary in this book was incredible, which led to many fact finding missions and vocabulary trails which the children loved! 


"We love the story because it makes us want to find out what is going to happen next, each chapter ends with a cliff hanger. There is lots of great vocabulary, for example carcass, surreptitiously, hurtle. The twists and turns are very engaging!" Charlotte

‘The Highwayman’ written by Alfred Noyes is a narrative love poem set in the reign of King George. The tragic love story evoked many emotions in our children and inspired them to create a narrative piece of work from one of the character’s perspective.


In the Spring term, the book called 'The Explorer’, proved to be another exciting addition to the class library. The book starts off with a plane carrying four young children suddenly plummeting into the Amazon Rainforest. This created a hush of excitement through the class as questions were raised such as ‘Will they survive?’ or ‘What will happen next?’ The children have created a non-chronological report about South America, a character description and an explanation text describing what they would need to take with them if they were stranded in the Amazon Rainforest. 


Next, we read 'There's a boy in the girls' bathroom' by Louis Sachar. This has been a great opportunity for the children to think about relationships. It also linked to our PSHE topic on how our actions have consequences on ourselves and others. 


In the Summer term, we are excited to start our Shakespearean adventure when we delve into the depths of the tragedy of Macbeth, exploring genres such as ghost story and poem writing. We will then move our attention to the Dorset coast and explore the life and achievements of Mary Anning through the book called 'Bone girl, stone girl'. 













Maths is another area that is particularly enjoyed in year 5! We try and do as many practical activities as we can, like playing games using equipment such as cubes, shapes and computers to really help cement understanding.


In the Autumn term, we have covered many topics such as number: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division of 10,100 and 1000, and statistics.


In each area we continue to develop and stretch our children’s minds and ask questions such as why does or doesn’t that calculation work, what if I change this number in the number sentence, what will happen then etc. One of our particular favourite ones is “Prove that you are right!” The children love to be challenged.


In the Spring term, we have begun our mathematical journey of learning the formal written method for multiplication and division. We will continue to build on the children's foundation by exploring fractions including mixed numbers, improper fractions and equivalent fractions. With this knowledge the children will progress on to decimals and percentages.


In the Summer term, we start by focusing on decimals, percentages and geometry. We then move on to measurement and statistics. Children will also continue to practise the four operations in order to consolidate knowledge and understanding. 









In Science, in the Autumn term, we have carried out many practical activities while exploring the topic of Forces. We have investigated air resistance, water resistance and the effects of gravity. We will be exploring our solar system and the planets this half term. 


Studying Earth and Space has been another highlight for Year 5, the children were lucky enough to have a 'Space Planetarium Dome' come in to school where they experienced planets orbiting  around the solar system and rocket launches into space. 


In the Spring term, we have started a new topic 'Materials and their properties'. There will be lots of investigations based around separating and mixing different materials. We will also think about the best materials to use for a range of purposes based on their properties and characteristics.




In the Summer term, we will investigate living things. We will be researching life cycles and life processes. We will also explore changes in humans and the different stages throughout human life. 



In the Autumn term, the children have been transported back to the century where Saxons and Vikings ruled the lands. Discovering what it was like to be a peasant or a king was a shocking revelation to the children. We can assure you most of them will want to be a king by the end of this topic! They have learn about crime and punishment, the people’s lifestyles and produce a newspaper article about when the Vikings invaded England, a frightening time! 


The children had the most wonderful experience at our residential trip to Ufton Court where they were transformed into Vicious Vikings. They travelled on Longboats to invade various countries and practised the skills of fighting with axes and swords. In the evening, the children feasted on a delicious Viking meal and danced into the night with their friends.


In the Spring term, South America is our next topic in Geography, which the children absolutely love learning about. We have begun exploring the human and physical geography and the difference between them; we will continue learning about deforestation and its causes, indigenous tribes and the countries within South America. 




In the Summer term, the children will begin a new topic about Victorians. This will include a local study on Chesham and using key concepts to investigate what life was like within this era. We will be looking at artefacts and comparing them to the present day and other periods of time. 




In the Autumn term, our topic in PSHE is ‘Healthy lifestyles’. We have discussed physical, emotional and mental well-being and explore the best possible ways of looking after our health. 




In the Spring term, we have started looking at Relationships and we will be discussing how to work collaboratively and respectfully towards shared goals.




In the Summer term, we will be looking at rights and responsibilities and health and wellbeing issues. We will also be exploring the environment and the duties, rights and responsibilities we have towards protecting it. 


In RE we have thought about the importance of Pilgrimage in different religions. We have enjoyed celebrating the festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.

In the Spring term, we will be considering the importance of religion in a community and the part this plays in holding a community together. 

We are now moving on to looking at the founders and prophets of different religions and how they influence believers. 


In Music, we have explored traditional music from countries around Europe including the UK and we have thought about how national anthems make us feel. The children will have the opportunity to explore a variety of musical instruments enabling them to create their own musical rhythms. 

We then explored Latin American rhythm patterns. Next, we will investigate how music influences film and impacts performance.


In Art, we have been exploring the artist Scottie Wilson; his new approach to art involved using fine liner and techniques such as cross hatching to create original dynamic pieces of work. 


Our Art and DT lessons in the Spring term will be linked to Geography and English. We will be making traditional South American food in DT. In Art, the children will have the opportunity to design and make headdresses inspired by the Rio carnival.



In the Summer term, we will be creating Victorian collage using a variety of fabrics and techniques. In DT, we will be researching Victorian lighting and housing and creating a doll house which lights up. 


In PE, the children have been using their geography and mathematical skills to explore orienteering. 


In the Spring term, the children focus on gymnastics and dance; they have created their own dance routines which have enabled them to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.


In the Summer term, the children will be practising their ball skills in tennis, cricket and handball. 



French lessons are taught by Madame Taylor on a weekly basis; the lessons will continue to develop the children’s language skills. The children have learnt how to say the months and days of the year. They are beginning to build their confidence to make a simple conversation. In the Spring term, the themes include describing clothing and the weather. In the Summer term, our theme is based around 'At the Cafe'.