Welcome back everyone, a new school year is here!

Brushwood Junior School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

We strive to develop young minds, whether it's academically or artistically, to be the best they can be.

We hope that you enjoy exploring what we have been learning about so far!

Meet the team:

5DW - Mrs Dunne-Wall and Mrs Wijayatilleke are the class teachers, Ms Franks and Miss Morgan are the teaching assistants

5J - Miss Jan is the class teacher, Ms Ward is the teaching assistant


Throughout the year, we have read a variety of texts. In the autumn term, a particular favourite of the class was ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. This book was universally loved by all of the children and many of them have gone on to read more books in the series, which just shows the enthusiasm and self-motivation the children have. This text allowed us to write in many different genres such as poem, non-fiction and fiction writing. The vocabulary in this book was incredible, which led to many fact finding missions and vocabulary trails which the children loved! 


“Wolf brother is an exciting and engaging story that takes you into an extraordinary world. In the beginning, Torak’s Father is killed by a demon bear and Torak has no family. Will Torak survive?” Max, 5J


After the Wolf Brother study, the children read ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ book by Joe Todd Stanton, which took them on an adventurous journey through the history of Viking gods. The children enjoyed expressing their feelings and thoughts through acting out scenes, especially when the wolf monster attacked the small Icelandic town causing havoc over the families.


In the Spring term, the book called 'The Explorer’, proved to be another exciting addition to the class library. The book starts off with a plane carrying four young children suddenly plummeting into the Amazon Rainforest. This created a hush of excitement through the class as questions were raised such as ‘Will they survive?’ ‘What will happen next?’. The children had such fun creating revolting menus of food that would be found in the rainforest such as Marvelous monkey mash or Piranha & pineapple pizza. The children researched the famous explorer Percy Fawcett and created a biography, which gave them a true understanding of what it was like to be a real life explorer.   


‘The Highwayman’ written by Alfred Noyes is a narrative love poem set in the reign of King George. The tragic love story evoked many emotions in our children and inspired them to create a narrative piece of work from one of the character’s perspective.


"It's a rollercoaster of emotions, that excited me greatly." Oli, 5DW






Maths is another area that is particularly enjoyed in year 5! We try and do as many practical activities as we can, like playing games using equipment such as cubes, shapes and computers to really help cement understanding.


"Brushwood has challenged me greatly with my maths work and has taught me more than I would expect for a normal school. I think that many of my friends have also benefitted by Brushwood's great teaching." Isaac, 5DW


In the Autumn term and the Spring term, we have covered many topics such as number: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, word problems; measurement: perimeter and area; fractions (eg. finding the missing denominator, ordering fractions, using addition fraction pyramids).


In each area we continue to develop and stretch our children’s minds and ask questions such as why does or doesn’t that calculation work, what if I change this number in the number sentence, what will happen then etc. One of our particular favourite ones is “Prove that you are right!” The children love to be challenged.





In Science we have carried out many practical activities while exploring the topic of Forces. We have investigated air resistance, water resistance and the effects of gravity. We also enjoyed designing machines that use levers, pulleys and gears.


Studying Earth and Space has been another highlight for Year 5, we even got to take part in virtual presentations organised by the UK Space Agency! We found out lots of new facts as well as discovering more about the exploration of Mars.






In the Autumn term, the children were transported back to the century where Saxons and Vikings ruled the lands. Discovering what it was like to be a peasant or a king was a shocking revelation to the children. We can assure you most of them wanted to be a king by the end of this topic! They learnt about crime and punishment, the people’s lifestyles and wrote a newspaper article about when the Vikings invaded England, a frightening time!


The children created and designed an incredible Saxon village so that they would truly understand how limited yet creative the Saxon life was.



In the Spring term, South America was our next topic in Geography, which the children absolutely loved learning about. They particularly enjoyed finding out about the rainforest: learning about different tribes, discovering plants and food that they had never heard of before or learning about different medicines found in the rainforest.






Art & DT

The children have loved making ‘Dragon Eyes’ this year. We incorporated our history topic (Vikings) into Art so that the children could really become creative with it. They adored designing and getting messy with the clay to create their dragon eye. A glass marble was used for the iris and an array of bright paint made them really come alive!


A projects was set during lockdown to create a Viking longboat, we were delighted to see these boats come ‘sailing’ into school, the children had been so creative using, bits of recycled materials, string and paper to create these wonderful vessels.


In conjunction with our Explorer book, the children made 3D Amazon animal heads out of egg boxes and paper plates. They used tissue paper to embellish their work and pencil for the intricate detail. Overall we were all amazed by their talents.









In the Autumn term, our topic in PSHE was ‘Healthy lifestyles’. We discussed physical, emotional and mental well-being and explored the best possible ways of looking after our health. In the Spring term, we focused on ‘Relationships’; we talked about empathy, how important it is to respond appropriately to a wider range of feelings in others and what it means to work collaboratively toward shared goals. 5DW created a recipe of what a good person is by mixing all the attributes together with tissue paper and straws to create a friendly, upstanding citizen to be proud of.


In 5J, the children created a wellbeing display based upon bees to show the importance of collaboration. The children each designed their own hexagon and wrote down a quality they bring to the class.


During the Children’s Mental Health Week, the children focused on the five ways of wellbeing and did lots of different activities to show what they do to look after their mental health. The children created posters with some tips on how to relax, baked cakes, played games and enjoyed dressing up in their favourite colours.







In Music, the children have covered many musical skills such as: playing a rhythm, identifying repeated and contrasting sections of a piece of music, copying ostinato phrases or recognising the melodic shape of a piece of music. This was done through studying Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, creating Viking chants and exploring rhythm, pulse and beat of a variety of music pieces.



 In RE we have thought about the importance of Pilgrimage in different religions. Mrs Ahmed came in to talk to us about her experiences of Hajj. We have also thought about how religion contributes to our community. We decided that Chesham is a great diverse community that we are proud to belong to. We particularly enjoy celebrating important festivals and events celebrated by our friends in school, so far we have looked at Divali, Chinese New Year and Holy Week.