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Brushwood Junior School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Meet the team:

5S - Mrs Stevens is the class teacher. Mr Kerslake is a trainee teacher. Mrs Newton and Mrs Watkins are the teaching assistants.

5M - Miss Morgan is the class teacher. Mrs Akhtar is the teaching assistant.


Mrs Stevens is the Upper School Phase Leader.

Meet the teacher evening - information for parents

The Autumn Term:

English and Guided Reading

This term, we are studying various books within our English and Guided Reading lessons including:

  • The Promise - a fiction book about poverty, desperation, promises, forgiveness, and how an environment can change people's perspectives.  
  • There's a boy in the girls' bathroom - a fiction book about a boy who hates school and hates everyone in it who goes on a journey to believing in himself and making positive relationships.
  • The Planetarium - a non-fiction book filled with images and information about the universe.
  • The Highwayman - a classic narrative poem written in 1906 telling the story of the tragic love story between an unnamed 19th century highwayman and Bess, a landlord’s daughter.
  • Why is snot green? - a non-fiction book about scientific phenomena.

Throughout these book studies, the children will rehearse reading, writing and spoken language skills. They will analyse characters, meaning and authorial intent, as well as revisit and learn new grammatical techniques.


The children will continue to rehearse skills across the maths curriculum, focusing first on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and fractions. They will practise mental strategies as well as written strategies, and will use a range of equipment to support their understanding. There will be a focus on building fluency within these areas, as well as applying their knowledge and skills to reasoning and problem solving activities. We will also be practising times tables regularly within lessons to continue to develop these skills. 


Maths homework is set each week on Atom Prime. It is usually based on the learning the children have been doing in recent weeks. We ask that the children practise their times tables regularly at home up to 12x12 and beyond. All pupils have a login for Times Tables Rockstars online. 


The topics this term are Forces and Parachutes, and Space. The children will learn about gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. They will also be learning all about the planets, including the earth and moon’s movements.

On Monday 28th November, the children will have a visit from the WonderDome Space Dome company where they will observe short films and still images about space exploration! 


Our History topic this term is 'What was life like in Tudor England?' We will be exploring life under Henry VIII's reign, using sources to interpret information and make inferences. On the 7th - 8th November, we will be going on an overnight residential trip to Ufton Court where they will engage in activities related to the topic. 



In the second half of this term, we will be developing our geographical skills and exploring the question 'Would you like to live in the desert?' They will learn about biomes and use maps to locate the largest deserts in each continent. 

Art and DT:

This term, we will be exploring retrofuturism and the impact of the space race on art and design. We will be experimenting with different materials to create drawings and make prints using collagraphs.


The children will further develop their understanding of current E-safety issues. They will practise skills using databases and Microsoft Word.

Religious Education:

The children’s learning will focus on pilgrimages and special journeys through different religions. They will explore the significance and impact of different pilgrimages and their importance to the people who undertake them. 


The children will explore healthy lifestyles, wellbeing, managing their feelings, and setting goals.


The children will be listening to, analysing and learning Tudor songs. We will be using different instruments to recreate the sounds of music from this period. 


The children will continue to develop their pronunciation in French lessons and will learn vocabulary for presenting themselves.


The children will be continuing to develop their skills in the areas of Football, Netball, Tag Rugby and Basketball.