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The Science curriculum develops natural curiosity, respect for living organisms and instils the importance of caring for the natural environment. Pupils learn to pose and answer their own questions by engaging in practical and stimulating lessons that are purposefully linked to their everyday lives. Science teaching is focused on developing pupil’s understanding of the wider world, working scientifically and developing skills of enquiry.


Science is taught as a spiralised curriculum where the majority of topics are introduced and then revisted and extended through the KS1 and KS2. This ensures that prior knowledge is embedded and applied to real world experiences. Retrieval activities allow children to revisit concepts and topics from previous year groups and reinforce practical learning.

Lessons are planned and encouraged to be as interactive and practical as possible, promoting the development of Working Scientifically skills. In most lessons children are taught to make educated predictions based on what they know and draw conclusions about these at the end.

Misconceptions are identified early through short activities at the beginning of a new topic. Future lessons are designed to address these misconceptions. Pupils have a chance to reflect on their learning at the end of each topic.

Planning contains subject specific vocabulary which is taught throughout each topic area. Teachers draw on a wealth of high quality resources to plan Science lessons and link where relevant to the work of notable Scientists or specific fields of expertise (e.g. palaeontologists).


Brushwood Junior School was also awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM GILT) in 2023.



The impact of our curriculum is that we aim for our children to achieve their full potential in science and marvel at the awe and wonder of how science emulates throughout every aspect of our daily lives. We want the children to recall the rich learning experiences they have been provided with and know that each new taught concept provides a new, or builds on an existing, learning block. We want our children to think critically, ask questions and use their metacognitive learning skills. Our children know to persevere and embrace challenge and as a result, enjoy their Eureka moment of success!

Standards in science, to ensure the maximum impact, are monitored in a variety of ways: book studies, pupil voice, Staff voice questionnaires and learning walks. The School Governors are informed of standards and progression of the subject annually.

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