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Chilterns League

Chilterns League

We are excited to announce that Brushwood has joined the Chilterns League. The league is made up of 8 local Chesham Schools who compete against each other in a variety of sports over the year. At present the league is open to children in Years 5 & 6. Each half term, teams compete in a tournament which culminates in a competition for first and second place played at various sporting venues in Chesham. All matches are played on a Thursday straight after school and parents are welcome to come and cheer us on. Some of the matches are played at home and others are played away, allowing the children to visit and meet children from other schools. Parents will be notified if their child has been selected for the team at the start of each half term. The Sports chosen for each half term are as follows:

Autumn 1 – Boys Football                          Autumn 2 – Netball

Spring 1 - Tag Rugby                                 Spring 2 – Girl's Football 

Summer 1 -  No Competition                     Summer 2 – Cricket

Girl's Football 2023-24

Boys Football Team 2023-24

Swimming Team 2022-23

Cricket Team 2022-23