Welcome to Brushwood Junior School!

Brushwood Junior School

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

We hope that you enjoy exploring what we are doing in Year 4.

Meet the Team

4B - Miss Barrett is the class teacher, Miss Barden is the student teacher, and Mrs Saunders is the teaching assistant.

4A - Miss Akhter and Mrs Bell are the class teacher, and Mrs Cullen and Mrs Ashby are the teaching assistants. 

The Autumn term in Year 4


History - The Ancient Greeks

The children start off developing their chronology skills and create a timeline of key events related to themselves and then link this to where the Ancient Greek civilisation is placed on a historical timeline.


The children will learn about individual city states, Alexander the Great and the history of the Olympic Games. They will improve their researching skill and study who the Ancient Greeks worshipped, the creation of their God or Goddess and many more new things! 


Science - Sound and Electricity

In Autumn Term, the children will be studying sound. They will explore how our ears work, different pitch and volume and carryout many investigations to understand the medium of sound. 


PSHE - Healthy Relationships

During Autumn term, we will be exploring healthy lifestyles, growing and how to keep safe. PSHE lessons will be discussion based and allow the children to share their own ideas about a range of topics. They will focus on developing a positive wellbeing and setting high aspirations for themselves. 


Physical Education - Ball skills

Our focus in Year 4 during the autumn term, is to develop our skills in a range of different ball based games such as: football, netball, basketball and hockey. The children will also begin their journey in becoming confident with orienteering and navigating themselves around the Brushwood site. 


Art and DT - Greek Cookery

To explore our History topic in more detail the children will get the chance to research, cook and try a range of different Greek recipes. They will begin by researching what the Greek's ate and then discover recipes they can try to recreate. We hope to have a Greek feast at the end! 


Other learning throughout the year


Religious Education

Each term, the children explore a new question related to the topic that they are learning about. 


These are the topics and questions that will be covered each term:

Autumn term - Natural World: Why does it matter how we treat the world?

Spring term - Sacred Texts: Why are sacred texts and Holy books so important?

Summer term - Worship: Is there any point to worship?



In Computing, throughout the year, the children will develop their Word processing, PowerPoint and Publisher skills. They will learn how to insert and resize images, copy and paste, screenshot and print in various formats. They will also learn how to use email. The children will continue to develop their coding skills, using the program 'CodeforLife'. As a class, we will also be continuing to discuss E-safety issues and the importance of keeping our personal information safe online.


How you can help your child at home

  • Practise times tables (up to 12 x 12)
  • Practise number sentences for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (see method attached)
  • Practise spelling patterns and Year 3-4 spelling list (see attachment from National Curriculum)
  • Practise high frequency words (see attached)